Jo Malone Wax Melts

Since we launched our dedicated wax melt brand, we always get asked do you do Jo Malone wax melts?  For Lorluna Wax Melts we’ve focused on creating a whole range of scent experiences some of which are inspired by some of our most favourite scents from around the world, including Jo Malone. But and it’s a big but, our wax melts are not dupes or direct copies of Jo Malone scents, they are our version of the blend, using similar fragrance notes. If you are looking for Lorluna Wax Melt blends similar to Jo Malone, check out our bestsellers below.

Lorluna Pomegranate Dubh Luxury Wax Melt

Our Pomegranate Dubh blend was inspired by Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir, combining notes of pomegranate, plum, violet leaf, amber and deep leather.


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Lorluna Lime, Basil & Mandarin Luxury Wax Melt

This iconic blend pretty much speaks for itself. Combining notes of lemon, mandarin, lime and basil on a bed a vetivert, we think our version is slightly sharper. It’s a timeless fragrance that is instantly recognisable to many.

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Lorluna Red Roses Luxury Wax Melt

This blend was actually inspired by my Dads beautiful rose garden, but many have compared it to Jo Malones Red Roses, so we’ve included it in this post! Think the scent of fresh cut roses filling your kitchen, with a hint of fresh cut grass and lemon. It’s a beaut.

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Lorluna Pear & Freesia Luxury Wax Melt

This wax melt will make your mouth water. It’s what we call a grown up scent that blends ripe pear, rose and freesia with notes of bergamot – similar to English Pear and Freesia, this wax melt burns strong and long and will fill any room.

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Buy all 4 Blends in our Ltd Edition Luxe Bundle and Save

Jo Malone Wax Melts Ireland

Bundle up and save on our limited edition luxe wax melt bundle. This bundle includes 4 x full size Lorluna Luxury Wax Melts with up to 288 hours of stunning fragrance to brighten any room.

Original price was: €31.80.Current price is: €26.95.Add to cart

Why Buy a Lorluna Wax Melt?

There’s loads of reason to buy a Lorluna Luxury Wax Melt and of course we’re totally biased, even so, we’re gonna share our reasons for believing our wax melts are the best.

  1. Our wax melts are made with the best ingredients – we don’t skimp and we don’t go cheap – everything is tested to perform at it’s absolute best
  2. We think of our fragrance experiences as more like explosions (not literally obvs) but they do release bursts of scent that bring your room to life.
  3. We make our own wax blend by combining vegan friendly, food grade waxes including soy, coconut and rapeseed in a blend that is exclusive to Lorluna
  4. We are plastic free – we use reusable moulds to make our melt bars and package them in recycled card and vegan, acid free tissue paper made from recycled pulp.
  5. We’ve been working with wax for over a decade and create products for retailers and hotels across Ireland, we know how to make products that perform amazingly.
  6. Our wax melts last for ages – each cube giving off up to 12 hours fragrance, depending on the blend and what burner you use. So despite being a luxury burn, they are a cost effective and clean way of scenting your home.
  7. We’re a small independent Irish business – everything is hand poured in our studio in Wexford Town, Ireland.
  8. Did we say our wax melts are the best in Ireland? (according to our customers and ourselves of course 😅)
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