Need to Know More About Lorluna Luxury Wax Melts?

We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions about Lorluna Luxury Wax Melts. Made in Co Wexford Ireland, Lorluna wax melts have quickly become firm favourites in homes across Ireland. Made using the best quality ingredients and fragrances, our wax melts are a sustainable and cost effective alternative to luxury candles, that offer hours of premium fragrance for less.

What is a Wax Melt?

Essentially, wax melts are scented candles, without the wick. Fragranced wax cubes are melted on top of a wax melt burner (these can be tea light or electric powered burners). As the wax melts, it slowly releases fragrance into the air. Unlike candles, the wax will not disappear as it melts, instead the fragrance will slowly dissipate into the air after repeated use.

How Long Does a Wax Melt Last?

How long your wax melt lasts really depends on the quality of your wax melt. Lorluna Luxury Wax Melts are made to last, with each 6 cube bar last up to 60 hours and in many cases, way beyond. Based on a standard burner, using a 4 hour tea-light you should be able to re-use each cube 2-3 times (up to 12 hours). If you are using an electric burner you will find you will get longer out of your wax melts, but the scent may not be as strong. If you use a smaller burner with an 8 hour tea-light you will find that the scent will burn off your wax at a quicker pace, due to the higher temperature. We recommend always using a 4 hour tea light to melt your wax for optimum performance.

What Type of Wax Do you Use?

Lorluna Luxury Wax Melts are made using our own proprietary custom wax blend containing soy, rapeseed and coconut wax. All of our wax melts are hand blended in our Wexford Town studio and infused with premium grade fragrance and essential oils.

Are Lorluna Wax Melts Sustainable?

Yes, all of our wax melts are made using sustainably sourced waxes, fragrances and essential oils. Each product is hand crafted using small batch manufacturing practices, that require hand blending and pouring. We are also proudly plastic free and made the decision early on to not package our products in single use plastic, instead opting for recycled and recyclable paper and cardboard packaging.

Are Lorluna Wax Melts Cruelty Free?

Yes, Lorluna Wax Melts are cruelty free and none of our raw ingredients are tested on animals.

Are Lorluna Wax Melts Vegan Friendly?

Yes, Lorluna Wax Melts vegan friendly and contain no animal derivates or by products

Does Lorluna Make Candles?

While the Lorluna brand is known for making the best Irish wax melts, we do also make candles. In fact we’ve been designing and crafting luxury candles for over a decade for well known hotels, spas and retailers, which are sold under their own brands. You can also find candles via our sister brands Spatonics and #Scandle.