Lily + White Rose

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  • Wax Melt Ireland Special OfferLorluna Celestial Wax Melt Burner -24% Off

    Our bestselling Lemongrass and Ginger Luxury Wax Melt, paired with the dainty midnight blue ceramic Celestial burner, with metallic gold motifs on a metal base – makes for the perfect match! Save over 20% on this bundle for a limited time only.

  • -20% Off

    Cheer up everyday with our Rainbow Wax Melt Bundle – combining our Jo Malone inspire Pear & Freesia luxury wax melt with the bestselling rainbow ceramic wax melt burner 🌈

  • -25% Off

    Say it With Scent, with our limited edition Thank-You Bundle, containing a Lorluna Thank-You Luxury Wax Melt in Plum Dubh, paired with a Sass & Belle ceramic wax melt burner in sunshine yellow.