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    We are always asked to sell our luxury diamond cut geo glass jars , minus the candle. They make for beautifully eye catching storage and display jars anywhere in your house.

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    A fresh blend of notes of ocean spray and ozone, accompanied by delicate rose and jasmine notes on a bed of musk. A fresh and comforting blend that is beautiful in bathrooms and large living areas.

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    A fresh and powdery blend of soft flowers, hawthorn and orris with a hint of lime. This aroma brings back childhood memories and works great in bedrooms and bathrooms for a fresh, clean scent.

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    A fresh, clean blend of cucumber, spearmint, peppermint with a hint of lemon. A beautiful calming scent that works brilliant in kitchen and living areas.

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    This soft and powdery blend will bring you back in time, filling your room with scents of jasmine, rose and vanilla and wrapped up in an air of new baby snuggles. Strange description we know, but trust us it’s accurate!

  • Wax Melt Burner Ireland Rattan Effect Lorluna -56% Off
    Add a touch of boho flair to your home with our rattan effect ceramic wax melt burner. This large warmer is perfect to pair with your favourite Lorluna Luxury Wax Melt.
  • Real Christmas Tree Wax Melt IrelandChristmas Tree Wax Melt Ireland

    Fill your home with this true to life blend of fir, balsam and pine needles on a woody based finished with a hint of clove. Bring the magic of a real Christmas tree to life, in any space. 

  • Strawberry & Champagne Wax Melt Ireland

    We created this blend in homage to our adopted home county Wexford, famous for its strawberries. But there’s more to this blend than ripe, juicy strawberries, we’ve blended punchy notes of effervescent pineapple, raspberry on a warm vanilla base to create an elegant and sophisticated burn that is very more-ish.  

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    A juicy and decadent blend of pear, bergamot, rose and freesia. This memorable fragrance is sweet yet dangerous and beautiful in any room, especially bedrooms, hallways and living rooms.


  • Lime Basil + Mandarin Wax Mely

    A classic blend of lemon, mandarin, lime and basil on a bed a vetivert, that brings any room to life with it’s sophisticated fragrance.