The Best Wax Melts in Ireland?

Looking for the best wax melts in Ireland? Look no further. Yes we know that this is a bold claim and we are of course biased, but we are pretty confident that you will agree that Lorluna Luxury Wax Melts are the best in the business and here’s why:

  1. We only used the best ingredients to make our wax melts. We work with leading fragrance houses in Europe to source our scents and we blend our own premium wax in house using a proprietary mix including soy wax, coconut wax and rapeseed wax
  2. We don’t skimp on the goods – every wax melt we make is loaded with super strength fragrance and essential oils. We don’t cut or dilute our fragrances to make them go further – which sadly is a common practice in our industry.
  3. We have over a 10 years professional experience working with wax and home fragrance. Fun fact –  although Lorluna is dedicated to making Ireland’s best wax melts, we have actually been making luxury candles for many spas, retailers and brands for years.  So while Lorluna may be a new name to you, you’ve probably come across our beautiful candles in your favourite hotel lobby or on shelf under one of our partner brands. All of this experience has been channelled into creating Lorluna Luxury Wax Melts the best.
  4. Our wax melts are plastic free and sustainable. We put a lot of effort into making sure our wax melt packaging was plastic free – which is a lot harder than you’d think. Yes it would be cheaper for us to use throw away single use plastic clamshells, but it would go against everything we believe in. Lorluna Wax Melts are proudly plastic free.
  5. We’re a small Irish business, who care about our brand and customers. All wax melts are made in small batches so we can give them the attention they deserve and make sure our customers are getting the best wax melts on the market. Mass production leads to poorer quality products and that’s just not what we are about.
  6. Our wax melts burn strong and long, with each bar lasting up to 72 hours (or up 12 hours per cube), depending on how you burn it (type of melter, tea light, position in room, strength preference etc) – that’s a lot of fragrance for the price (and also one of the reasons, wax melts are better value for money than candles on a cost per use basis).

So there’s 6 reasons why we believe Lorluna Wax Melts are the best wax melts in Ireland. To be honest we could give you 60, but we’re not that full of it! You see it’s easy to have confidence and believe in your product, when you’ve spent as long as we have agonising over every tiny detail, testing and re-testing each blend time after time, increasing a percentage here and reworking the wax ratios there until we have a product we know lives up to the Lorluna name. We know not everyone will love all of our fragrances, that’s human nature, but we know that each and every Lorluna Wax Melt has been produced to be the best it can be and that when a customer chooses our brand and chooses to spend their money with us, that they are getting a product that won’t disappoint. But you don’t have to just take our word for it – check out some of our verified customer reviews below.

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